Final Day Recap

What was the 2014 Jim Harris Memorial Tournament of Champions is now an after thought. All the teams entered have concluded their schedules, all the trophies have been handed out. Half the teams left the gym with a win, the other half is hoping to move on and start fresh in their new tournament or game. The All-Tournament selections have been made. Finally, the winner has been crowned- Foothill.

What a great tournament it was. Each team represented their respective schools with great pride.

We look back with fond memories of the games that were played. And with optimism of what the season now holds for each of the teams who participated.

Next year is so far away, but before we know it we will be back at it. With some new, some old. We hope this Tournament was more than just the games played. It was an experience. A collective effort by all involved to ensure each person who walked into our gym enjoyed the atmosphere provided by our staff and our players.

We hope to see you all back next year battling it out to crown your team with the championship. Or to improve. Or to compete. Whatever your goal, we hope you find it being accomplished here.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015…planning starts now.

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Championship Game Final Score

The trophy for the champion has just be handed out and by a score of 74-66, Foothill defeats LB Millikan to take the title. It was a great match-up throughout the whole game. Both teams played hard. Both teams were dealing with foul trouble issues. Foothill converted more free throws to help send them home with the title.

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